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Developer Reaction ,

We are really sorry for the bad experience. Our technical group happens to be working non-stop to boost our item. If you have whatever you would suggest or there was whatever else we could help you with, please don’t hesitate to fairly share with us

To numerous scammers

We didn’t pay for an account. I personally use the free talk We have actually talked many females that could claim become females. Just like the other person mentioned you’ll most likely wind up talking to somebody who wishes have sexual intercourse which results in being scammed maybe perhaps perhaps not for it, or you could be talking to some one for a few days then BAM “Hey can you get me a gift card” crap that I have fallen. Some request you to talk on Bing Hangouts like I became conversing with someone on the website with this software. They asked me personally what kind of phone we choose we told them then a short time later on are you able to offer me personally your account information for the phone provider for a $100 Steam card to keep their internet active I once again said no and they call me from Google Hangouts and it’s a teenage boy crying because I wouldn’t get them what they wanted so I can get the same phone that you have I said no because I don’t know my account info which is true because I do all my stuff at providers store then the next day I get the can you get me a gift card I think it was for Steam so they could go shopping I told them no because as a guy I know what Steam is like the one time I had someone ask me. A lot of people that I’ve entirely on right here have a similar profile with just yet another title and photo, while the height that is same.

Developer Reaction ,

Many thanks for making use of our software.

To begin with, we sincerely apologize for the unforeseen experience. We now have an admin group whom work 24/7 to ensure our community neat and safe for many users. Regrettably, you may possibly encounter all sorts of individuals into the dating apps.

If you come across a dubious profile, please report instantly and deliver the info in my opinion via feedback on application or , i might investigate and ban that profile if that was a fake one because we never enable bad task inside our community.

Predicated on my experience, i’ve noticed users whom ask visitors to join another system or that are serving into the military has a chance that is high to be a . You ought to be careful of the kinds of users. When users request you to join another community such as for example Skype or Whatsapp, they’re usually speaking with you on a platform where we can’t help or assist you to in the event that you encounter any problems. And often those other platforms ensure it is impossible to find those variety of users aswell because of privacy laws and regulations. Therefore, i would suggest you avoid taking your discussion to a different platform for awhile, not immediately unless you feel like you can really trust this person after engaging with a conversation with them.

Regards and want that you great day.

Good that Mingle2 is free

Well i needed to use this application away is cool for a 3 months membership instead and I emailed them and I got no response disappointing secondly my main dissatisfaction with this app is the constant almost every girl I spoke to ended up being a seriously I’ve talked to almost 35 or more girls in about 4 months they either want a iTunes card with in only a few days of chatting or they want some cam sex thing when I specifically say I am only interested in a serious relationship hope that Mingle2 can improve these faults then perhaps my opinion would improve of the app and I would then update my review and star rating 3/4/18 update they said yesterday that if I left I review they would offer me 48 hour vip interaction I last logged in today to only find out that my honest assessment was eastmeeteast rejected goes to show you they only care about making u pay for full membership I’d be cautious and weary of this site I honestly have nothing but bad experiences here all literally so sad and ridiculous that it is free but I did pay for the membership but I only wanted a one month membership but they charged me

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