5 Korean Superstitions You Really Need To Most Likely Learn About

5 Korean Superstitions you Should know about probably

Yesterday i purchased a lottery admission and offered my Korean girlfriend a brand new set of footwear. We decided to go to sleep delighted and dreamt of pigs through the night. The next early morning I woke up and my gf had been gone, she took every thing like the brand new set of footwear. Sad and confused we decided to check on my lottery solution and you know what, we won!

Noise strange?

Every tradition in the field has odd and superstitions which can be unique Korea is obviously no exclusion. Listed below are 5 Korean superstitions that you probably weren’t alert to.

1. Providing footwear (footwear, slippers, shoes) as a present to your beloved. Koreans genuinely believe that getting programs as a present shall destroy the partnership. The individual within the relationship whom gets the footwear will’‘run away from their significant other. Have you been in a embarrassing relationship with a Korean woman or child? Let them have a set of new footwear to end the partnership quickly and painlessly!

2. Four (4) could be the quantity of death! Do you really go on the 4th flooring of a apartment building? You better go soon or suffer the consequence…death that is ultimate. Or even maybe maybe not. Although Korean’s worry the quantity 4 comparable to exactly exactly just how western countries worry the quantity 13, the reason why behind their hatred when it comes to number that is dreaded a small various. The pronunciation regarding the expressed term death and four are just about identical in Korean (both terms are pronounced ‘sa’ or ‘sah’). Counting to 5 in Korean goes something similar to this: one, two, three, death, five. Due to the pronunciation similarities numerous Korean structures miss out the 4 th flooring (in other words. the 5 th flooring comes following the 3 rd flooring). Does this suggest Korean apartments on the 5 th floor are cheaper?

3. Do you really desire pigs through the night? You will be on your journey to a future that is wealthy! Korean tradition thinks that seeing pigs in your goals brings luck that is good money. Does seeing more pigs represent greater wide range? Good concern, we’ll need certainly to request information from for clarification.

4. Would you like to kill somebody discreetly? Write their name having a red ink pen! Another life-threatening Korean superstition is writing an income person’s title in red. Conventional culture that is korean red to publish the names associated with the dead and doing the contrary (composing the names regarding the living) is a big no-no and considered extremely unlucky and possibly life threatening. We wonder exactly just how numerous Korean’s have actually tried killing their foes by over over and over repeatedly writing their title in red, regrettably we couldn’t find any data about them. Then we strongly discourage you plenty of fish reddit from using a red pen at school if you’re teaching English in Korea. You want them dead if you mistakenly write a student’s name in red they may assume.

5. Moving forward particular times may bring wicked spirits along for the trip. Numerous Koreans think that going to a home that is new apartment should be done on a certain time of this month. Numerous Korean going organizations also post ‘good moving days’ and ‘bad moving days’ to maneuver on the internet sites. The explanation for this superstition that is odd quite unique. It’s thought that wicked spirits or house that is uninvited through the afterlife may follow one to the new house in the event that you move ahead particular times. Fortunately there’s a solution that is easy this issue, consult with the going business ahead of time to determine exactly exactly exactly what times have actually the smallest amount of likelihood of the undead hitching a trip to the new apartment.

If you’re arriving at Korea then think about your self warned! Avoid present covered footwear, stay away from the 4 th floor in structures, check out the dates before you move, refrain from making use of red pencils if feasible, you will need to dream of pigs through the night!

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