Begin Your Very Own Adult Line. Immediately bill your callers with their credit or debit card.

Our Adult Lines are employed For:

800 Bill to Bank Card TM

24 hr Guaranteed In Full Setup Time

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How it operates

Caller dials your income per call line

Listens to your customized greeting

Caller Enters Credit or Debit Card Information

Caller Gets Linked for your requirements or Your Operators


You or your operators answer the phone, and confer with your callers reside. It’s your own income generating company into the really phone sex industry that is profitable! Old-fashioned phone intercourse jobs while being utilized by phone intercourse businesses, and working for somebody else will pay cents in the buck. They usually have small work safety, and financial upside. Your very own Phone Sex line could be far more profitable and gratifying. It is the right time to take control of your very very own fate, and make a greater earnings as a pso that is independent. Separate phone intercourse operators not merely earn more income, but are much more happy doing work for by by themselves. We offer the most truly effective expert guidance and solution for all customers showing you the way to start out your personal phone intercourse business.

By running a PayPerCall quantity you are going to begin money that is making moment or per call since all telephone phone phone calls are immediately billed to your caller’s credit or debit card if they call your phone intercourse solution. We shall deliver payouts for you by direct deposit every thirty days for several phone phone calls to your line. You don’t need any phone that is special, simply a regular phone or mobile phone for the Adult line. We shall forward all phone telephone phone calls to your US telephone number or number that is canadian you provide us with (including both mobile phones or landlines).

We offer you with real-time call reports via your online account login at our web site to help you monitor the telephone telephone calls, and income created by the line. No gear or experience becomes necessary. This possibility permits you to begin with small to no experience at an afforable cost.

As soon as individuals start calling your earnings per call number, in addition they such as your line, they will certainly keep calling usually, making you a lot more cash. They are going to additionally inform people they know, and inside a matter of months your company can begin producing large number of phone phone phone calls each month!.

Functions in america and Canada. Purchase On Line for Fastest Setup

800 Bill to Bank Card Features

Our 800 Bill to bank card line includes every one of the after advanced functions

Effective features

Includes effective features that allow you to much more cash just from pay

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Extend a Call

Advance payment function

800 Bill to credit card ™

The pay per call benefit

Your 800 Bill to bank card account shall give callers the chance to boost the amount of their call before time runs out thus expanding the phone call without hanging up! This particular feature ended up being built to allow you to make you more cash!

Here’s Just Just How it really works

Two mins before a real time call is planned to get rid of a caution prompt will interrupt the phone call momentarily. The device operator/agent will then have the choice of utilizing ‘Extend-a-Call’ which permits the client to shop for more time through the re payment module simply by pressing ‘33’ to their keypad.

The consumer presses ‘33’ on the keypad The call timer is paused. The Agent is placed on contain the Consumer will hear a prompt asking them exactly just just how numerous mins they want to include. After the client goes into the required quantity of moments the system auto-calculates the fee, produces a brand new deal, then reconnects the call as soon as the deal is approved.

This Feature that is poweful is available through

Card Memory

Advance payment function

800 Bill to credit card ™

The pay per call benefit

Your 800 Bill to bank card account will firmly keep Credit & Debit Cards for perform phone phone calls, without asking your callers to enter their re payment information once again! This particular aspect had been made to allow you to make you more cash!

Here’s Exactly Just How it really works

Whenever a person calls your solution and their credit or debit card is AUTHORIZED the device will encrypt and keep the bank card information associated with the associated caller’s contact number. The Card Memory process will prompt them to enter the last 4 digits of their stored credit card number speeding up the entire process if the Customer calls back into the system from their stored phone number. This will make it easy and quick for callers to utilize your line more regularly and produces many others phone telephone calls!

The card you recently utilized beginning with xxxx has been discovered Tyo use this card enter the last 4 digits now. To make use of an unusual card press the lb key. If a person calls your solution and their charge card is DECLINED the device will let them know that their card happens to be declined and prompt them to enter a alternative card quantity. Your callers may also change the card on file when they desire to make use of a card that is different.

This Poweful Feature is available through

Very First Time Caller Pricing

Advance payment function

800 Bill to credit card ™

The pay per call advantage

First-time caller pricing is an optional function that can be used which permits one to set unique marketing rates for brand new very first time callers.

Perform clients will probably pay pricing that is standard you set, while very very first callers can get a unique cost as a bonus to phone your line. This will be a way that is wonderful attract and expand start up business by providing unique promotioal pricing for brand new callers just, while as well getting compensated top dollar from existing callers! This particular feature was created to assist you make you more income!

Here’s Exactly Just How it really works

Simply login to your PayPerCall and set your rate that is special for Time Calling pricing, and record a First Time Caller greeting that new callers will hear. If your caller dials your quantity our PayPerCall platform automatically recognizes you callers by their Caller ID and determines just what price and greeting to provide for them. Those callers that have never ever called prior to will hear your First Time Calling greeting, and become served with your Time Caller that is first rates. Those people who are perform or regular callers will hear your greeting that is standard and your set standard rates.

It is possible to set your Time that is first Caller to your quantity. For instance you are able to provide First Time Callers 5 minutes totally totally free if not a special low each minute or flat rate for First Time Callers. Whenever callers call right back on perform phone calls they are going to spend your standard set pricing and no longer the special very first time Caller rates. Just very first time callers will get the unique price if you determine to utilize this function.

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