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Enter Shift + ‘to add duplicate quotes, which Google Docs uses intelligent quotes by default. They are called smart because they automatically detect whether they should be formatted as start or end quotes. In addition to emphasizing other people’s words, quotation marks have several other uses. Depending on the style you are using, you can use quotation marks to highlight the names of all types of songs, or just short songs. The titles of books, albums, magazines, newspapers, and other individual and larger works are usually in italics…

When using ideas from another author or linking to previous research, it is often best to use a phrase. In social science research involving interviews or focus groups, block quotes are often needed when analyzing participants’ responses…

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Poems, chapters, articles – smaller volumes of work or fragments of work that make up a larger volume of work – are highlighted in quotation marks. The first sentence contains a direct quote in which you communicate exactly the words that John used. The second sentence contains an indirect quote, which is a paraphrased version of what John said…

In the arts and humanities, block quotes are often used to perform an in-depth analysis of a text. Draw a blank line before evaluating the block and follow it. Do not place quotation marks around a block of cited text. Start a new line cut an inch from the left border; do not remove the first line longer than the other block quota lines. You do not need to use quotes for evaluation.

Question How to make a Word rating for my article?

The quoted text is capitalized if you are quoting a full sentence and without a capital letter if you are quoting a passage. Simply include the link, including page number or paragraph, at the end of the cited material. Are you still using quotes around the block??

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