Musk’s work-life balance happens to be hefty on work recently.

A week, and that it’s been almost 20 years since he had taken a week off in an August 17 Interview with The New York Times , Musk said that he’s often been working as much as 120 hours.

What is worse? On June 22, he celebrated their 47th birthday celebration at their office overseeing the production that is delayed the business’s Model 3 sedan.

The billionaire stated he didn’t have fun.

“through the night — no buddies, absolutely nothing,” he told the occasions, while apparently tearing up.

They went to the Hyperloop Pod Competition together in July.

On July 22, Grimes, Musk, along with his five sons went to the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition together. This now-iconic picture was taken during the event.

Needless to state, it inspired jokes that are countless Twitter.

In July, Grimes stated she attempted to encourage a union vote at Tesla.

Nevertheless the few proceeded to clash over their company a few ideas. On 24, Grimes tweeted that she tried to encourage a union vote at Tesla july. She’s got since deleted the tweet, however it is noticeable within an version that is archived of Twitter account.

“L iterally attempted to instigate union vote therefore y’all wud lay down but UAW can not get sufficient signatures she wrote cuz they abandoned fremont plant in the last crash. “Bc with this Tesla doin party that is third to be sure employees r in a beneficial room since bulk wouldn’t like union comfort.”

In they announced plans to go to Burning Man together august.

The couple started off August on a positive note — to the public, at least after July’s drama. But on August 10, designer Nathalia Gaviria announced on her behalf Instagram that Grimes planned on bringing Musk to Burning guy, Consequence of Sound reported.

Although Gaviria’s posts have because been deleted, individuals had lots to express concerning the duo that is dynamic the playa. Folks have speculated that few would go to the songs and arts event together simply because they began dating.

Although a few individuals noticed that it mightn’t be Musk’s very first time at Burning Man.

Then again there is Azealia Banks’ week-end at Elon’s .

On August 12, rapper Azealia Banks advertised on her behalf Instagram tales that she invested her weekend at Musk’s household waiting around for Grimes — however the singer never ever turned up. The ladies had intends to make music together, but that did not take place.

“we waited old asian ladies around all while grimes coddled her boyfriend for being too stupid to know not to go on Twitter while on acid,” Banks explained weekend. An additional tale, she stated that “staying in Elon musks home was like a genuine like bout of ‘Get Out.'”

Banking institutions told Business Insider that she reached certainly one of Musk’s domiciles in Los Angeles in the beginning Friday and left on Sunday evening. She stated that the few ended up being elusive all week-end but kept stringing her along side promises of a collaboration that is eventual never occurred.

Although Musk denied ever fulfilling or communicating with Banks to Gizmodo, he told this new York occasions on” Friday early morning, for 2 seconds at of a 30-foot distance as she had been making your house. which he saw her”

Whatever happened during Banking institutions’ at Elon’s, people had lots to say weekend.

Things be seemingly regarding the stones for Grimes and Musk now.

Throughout the week-end, Grimes and Musk unfollowed one another on Instagram. Musk unfollowed Grimes on Twitter, but she nevertheless follows him from the platform. On it appeared that Musk deleted his Instagram account altogether tuesday.

Obviously, folks have taken this to suggest they will have broken up. Once more, the jokes about their relationship show too good to avoid.

Maybe we could chalk the final months that are few up to a breakdown into the simulation.

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