Without a doubt about enroll a watercraft

Slow down and present resident orcas space that is southern

Current legislation changed the approach distances and rates around Southern Resident orcas. Before venturing out on water, see Be Whale smart. Read about the newest laws and tips in america and Canada. These modifications try to decrease the sound and disruption the orcas experience around ships, permitting them to better:

When you should register your watercraft

You have to title and register your watercraft in Washington State:

Enrollment requirements

Unless particularly exempt, you have to meet all Washington state enrollment needs when making use of a vessel that is documented Washington waters. This implies you have to register your ship in Washington:

Exempt vessels

Just how to register your motorboat

To title and register your watercraft in Washington:

  1. Offer every one of the after:
    • A finished Vessel Title Application.
    • Your out-of-state that is current registration.
      • In case the ship is not presently registered an additional jurisdiction, please contact a vehicle/boat licensing workplace for directions.
    • The out-of-state name or, if you have a lien owner, a photocopy regarding the title that is out-of-state.
      • If you do not get out-of-state title, contact a vehicle/boat licensing workplace for directions.
    • Proof you paid product product sales taxation in the motorboat.
      • That you paid sales tax when you purchased it, you’ll be required to pay use tax if you don’t have proof.
    • A check or money purchase payable into the Department of Licensing to pay for the charges.
  2. Submit your finished application, supporting papers, and costs:
    • At a vehicle/boat certification workplace.
    • or
    • By mail to virtually any vehicle/boat certification workplace.

In the event your vessel is documented because of the U.S. Coast Guard, you can find unique enrollment needs. For details, see Documented vessels.

Decals and enrollment

Once you’ve registered your ship, you’ll receive your enrollment and a couple of decals because of the assigned registration number (WN#). You can also get Vessel Registration quantity directions showing how exactly to correctly show the enrollment quantity and decals in your watercraft

Long haul moorage (over 1 month)

If you moor your vessel over thirty day period, you have to offer evidence of vessel enrollment, a written declaration of intent to join up your vessel, or complete Vessel Registration Exemption type and provide it to your moorage provider.

Clean your watercraft before you float

To stop the spread of aquatic nuisance species, decontaminate your watercraft, trailer, and gear before entering Washington. For details, see Aquatic invasive types (Department of Fish and Wildlife) .

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