For some users, this was a problem but as we explain in a tutorial, there are several ways to disable Windows Defender on Windows 10. The situation started when the company sent out Windows 10 security update 4.18.2007.8 last month.

How to permanently disable Windows Defender Antivirus on windows

This change does not impact third party antivirus connections to the Windows Security app. Those will still work as expected,” Microsoft says. This was important because the value was a gate for users to disable Microsoft Defender permanently.

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Having 2 anti-virus programs on your PC can cause problems . I would disable one feature at a time in Kaspersky until the “Security” section says there’s no conflict. We bought a new Dell netbook with Windows 7 Started and Kaspersky preinstalled. It’s been running slowly so I ran the system troubleshooters. Under “security” it says that both Kaspersky and Windows Defender are reporting turned on and could present a confict.

Some people report that the option to remove Windows Defender is greyed out, which leaves Powershell. In Windows 10, it should be noted that there was never an easy way to disable the antivirus. There was a time when Windows didn’t have its own antivirus tools.

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At that time, security companies were racing to develop the very best of solutions for those Windows users. “The impact of the DisableAntiSpyware removal is limited to Windows 10 versions prior to 1903 using Microsoft Defender Antivirus.

The problem is, Defender isn’t installed on this system! I searched through the program listing, add/remove programs, everything, and I can’t find it anywhere. Is there such a thing as a “stealth Defender” or could there be something else creating this message? I have been looking for a way to disable this program for several months, and this is the first solution that has actually worked. If you open the Windows Task Manager and select the Services tab, you’ll notice WinDefend is running. There are a couple ways to disable it, but the one I outline will show you how to re-enable it should you need/want to. The first place you can try to disable and remove Windows Defender is in the Roles and Features Wizard within Server Manager.

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Disabling Windows Defender, as outlined in this tutorial, can be a bit of a pain. It has a way of re-enabling itself and can generally prove to be a pain to disable. It’s not present in the list of uninstall’able programs because Microsoft doesn’t want you to uninstall it. It’s part of their “make Windows safer” campaign that went with Windows 7. Security is telling you that there’s a conflict because both Defender and Kaspersky are doing the same thing.

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